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(Name listed first is chairman; second is vice chairman.)
Agriculture -- Kerr, Dahl, Branstetter, Capps, Cole, Franklin, Long (Ed), Pierce, Taliaferro,
Appropriations -- Taylor, Haney, Branstetter, Brown, Cain, Capps, Cole, Dickerson, Dudley,
Fisher, Ford, Gardenhire, Giles, Hendrick, Herbert, Hooper, Horner, Kerr, Long (Ed),
Marshall, Mickle, Miles-LaGrange, Rhodes, Rozell, Schuelein, Shedrick, Shurden,
Smith, Stipe, Taliaferro, Williams (Don), Williams Penny
Business and Labor--Brown, Long (Lewis), Branstetter, Dahl, Fair, Giles, Hendrick,
Hooper, Horner, Kingston, Mickle, Rhodes, Schuelein, Shurden, Stipe
Criminal Jurisprudence - Dickerson, Wilkerson, Dahl, Fair, Horner, Kingston, Stipe, Taylor,
Economic Development -- Fisher, Williams (Penny), Gardenhire, Hooper, Marshall, Mickle,
Robinson, Rozell, Rubottom, Shedrick, Smith, Wright
Education -- Shedrick, Garber, Cain, Chandler, Cole, Dickerson, Dudley, Ford, Gardenhire,
Haney, Marshall, Miles-LaGrange, Robinson, Rozell, Snyder, Taylor, Williams (Penny),
Finance- Schuelein, Robinson, Capps, Chandler, Choate, Dahl, Fair, Fisher, Ford, Giles, °
Haney, Homer, Kerr, Kingston, Rhodes, Rozell
General Government- Herbert, Weedn, Capps, Choate, Fisher, Franklin, Kerr, Pierce,
Rubottom, Smith, Taliaferro, Wilkerson, Williams
Government Operations and Agency Oversight- Horner, Chandler, Fisher, Rozell, Rubot-tom,
Human Resources- Cain, Homer, Brown, Chandler, Dudley, Hendrick, Miles-LaGrange,
Rhodes, Schuelein, Shurden, Snyder, Stipe, Weedn
Judiciary-Miles-LaGrange, Smith, Brown, Cain, Dickerson, Hendrick, Long (Lewis),
Mickle, Pierce, Rubottom, Shedrick, Taylor, Weedn,'Wilkerson, Wright
Natural Resources -- Giles, Williams (Don), Choate, Dickerson, Fair, Ford, Haney, Herbert,
Kingston, Long (Lewis), Taylor
Rules-Rozell, Taliaferro, Brown, Cain, Capps, Dahl, Giles, Haney, Hendrick, Pierce,
Schue!ein, Shedrick, Stipe, Taylor
Standards and Ethics -- Marshall, Franklin, Branstetter, Choate, Miles-LaGrange, Schuelein
Tourism and Recreation- Hooper, Shurden, Capps, Ford, Franklin, Herbert, Kerr, Long
(Lewis), Pierce, Robinson, Rubottom, Weedn, Wright
Transportation - Stipe, Marshall, Branstetter, Cole, Dudley, Franklin, Gardenhire, Herbert,
Hooper, Long (Ed), Shurden, Snyder, Taliaferro, Williams (Penny), Williams (Don)
Wildlife--Dahl, Shurden, Chandler, Choate, Giles, Kingston, Marshall, Mickle, Pierce,
The Legislative Service Bureau is authorized and directed to provide staff services for
the Joint Committee on Fiscal Operations. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned
by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives.
The Joint Committee on Fiscal Operations has four members from each house, plus the
chairman of each House's appropriations committee. Bill processing is the production of all
bills, resolutions and committee substitutes, from the first typing stage through final form for
introduction. The interim activity of bill processing is to update the data base with the laws of
the previous session. The updated data base is then duplicated and becomes STAIRS Data
Base which is utilized for research functions by the Legislature and many agencies. The office
serves as a clearinghouse for the Legislature for all budgetary forms, reports and information.
Paul E. McElvany is director of the office.
The Legislative Service Bureau is located in Room 307, State Capitol, Telephone (405)

[1989-1990] Oklahoma Almanac Part 1 (Pages i-222)

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