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    • Request for Title XIX Nursing Assessment

    • *02AG001E-001* OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Request for Title XIX Nursing Assessment Form 02AG001E is completed by the intermediate care facility (ICF) to notify OKDHS of a Medicaid client's admission into the ICF and request a nursing...
    • Older Americans Act Assessment, Part I

    • *02AG002E-001E* OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Older Americans Act Assessment, Part I Initial date of contact Assessment *1Q2A1* Reassessment *1Q2A3* Date Source of referral to this office: Name Agency Agency case number Person providing...
    • Annual Assessment

    • *02AG005E-001* OKLAHOMA'DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Aging Services Division Annual AssessmentArea Agency on Aging (AAA) Date completed 340:105-10-30. Designation of Area Agencies on Aging For an entity to be designated as an AAA, the agency's...
    • Voluntary Withdrawal of Title III Project

    • *02AG006E-001* OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Voluntary Withdrawal of Title III Project When an Older Americans Act Title III funded project elects to voluntarily terminate a contract prior to the end of a grant year, procedures in paragraphs...
    • In-Kind Travel Expense Voucher

    • *02AG014E-001* OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES In-Kind Travel Expense Voucher Voucher number: for the month of , 20Traveler Purpose of travel Date From To Miles driven Total I certify that the above information is true and correct to the best...
    • Nutrition Project Attendance Form

    • *02AG016E-001* OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Nutrition Project Attendance Form Date 20 Project name Site name: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35....
    • Number of Meals Served

    • *02AG019E-001* OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Number of Meals ServedNutrition site name Month and year Nutrition project name Project use only: Average number of days served per month: Average meals budgeted per day: Eligible meals budgeted...
    • Area Agency on Aging (AAA) Quarterly Report

    • *02AG020E-001* OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Area Agency on Aging (AAA) Quarterly Report Fiscal year Quarter Months AAA name AAA director This report summarizes specific AAA activities. This report is due to the appropriate OKDHS Aging...
    • Area Agency on Aging (AAA) Quarterly Report - A

    • *02AG021E-001* OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Area Agency On Aging (AAA) Quarterly Report - AListed below are the Title III service categories for the National Aging Program Information System (NAPIS) report. Complete below by providing the...
    • Cumulative Program Performance Report

    • *02AG022E-001* OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES OLDER AMERICANS ACT (OAA) TITLE III Cumulative Program Performance ReportDate: Fiscal Year reporting period: Start End Area Agency on Aging (AAA) name A, AAA STAFFING PROFILE Number of full-time...
    • Service Expenditures Profile

    • *02AG023E-001* OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES OLDER AMERICANS ACT (OAA) TITLE III Service Expenditures Profile Grandparents and other relatives raising children is abbreviated GRRC. Area Agency on Aging (AAA) name OAA fiscal year Service...
    • Consumable Supplies Inventory

    • *02AG024E-001* OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Consumable Supplies Inventory Site: Month: Year: ITEM Beginning inventory (quantity) Amount received (quantity) Amount used (quantity) Ending inventory (quantity) OKDHS revised 10-20-2003...
    • Dietary Consultant's Report

    • *02AG025E-001* OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Dietary Consultant's Report Project name Date Project director Date Site/site manager Date I. Summary of month's consultation activities: Total monthly hours spent on site: Minimum of five hours...
    • Audit Report Transmittal

    • *02AG026E-001* OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Audit Report Transmittal Section I. Area Agency on Aging (AAA) name. Check one: Areawide ASCOG COEDD EODD KEDDO Grand Gateway NODA OEDA SWODA SODA Tulsa Tulsa LTCA Enid LTCA Project name, as...
    • Insurance Enrollment Form with Guidelines 2013

    • *ENROLL* __________________________ ____________ __________________________________ INSURANCE ENROLLMENT FORM Office of Management and Enterprise Services Employees Group Insurance Division EMPLOYER INFORMATION (To be completed by Insurance...
    • Annual report

    • Oklahoma. Department of Environmental Quality--Periodicals.; Environmental protection--Oklahoma--Periodicals.
    • .... to enhance the quality of life in Oklahoma and protect the health of its citizens by protecting, preserving and restoring the water, land and air of the state, thus fostering a clean, attractive, healthy, prosperous and sustainable environment.
    • Attorney General opinion, 2012-15, 10/01/2012

    • 1. Does subsection A of Section 1272.1 of Title 21 of the laws of Oklahoma, which prohibits carrying or possessing any weapon in an establishment where low-point beer or other alcoholic beverages are consumed, prohibit an owner or proprietor of...
    • Literacy notes, fall 2012

    • 2012 Literacy Retreat was Sweet (Just Like Candy); Health Literacy Grants; Changes in the GED; What Does It mean?; Scrabble for Literacy; Dreams Become Reality [Devante Thomas]; New Literacy Awareness; In the News and On the Go; Hello and Goodbye
    • Annual vehicle registration report, 2011/12

    • 2012 MOTOR VEHICLE TAXES DISTRIBUTION OF MOTOR VEHICLE REVENUE 29.84% - General Revenue Fund 36.20% - Various School Districts 7.24% - County Highway Maintenance and Construction Fund 15.00% - County Improvements for Roads and Bridges Fund 3.62% -...
    • Arts Oklahoma, 10/03/2012

    • 2012 Oklahoma Arts Conference: Building Bridges to Vibrant Communities; List your October event for Arts & Humanities Month; Leadership Arts applications available in November; Wilson Hurley's art ushers in fall season
    • Oklahoma's eGov news report, 10/2012

    • 2nd Annual Web and Communications Conference Convene October 16th - Offered by the Oklahoma State Webmanagers Group; Federal Grant Brings High-Speed Broadband to Rural Oklahoma; Where Is E-Government Communications Headed? - Interview with...
    • Safety Standards Division Installer Application

    • 3017 N Stiles, Ste 100., OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73105 PHONE: (405)521-6100 FAX (405) 521-6025 Revised 1/12/2011 Toll Free Number (888) 269-5353 Page 1 of 2 Oklahoma Department of Labor Mark Costello COMMISSIONER INSTALLER...
    • Open Records Request Form

    • 3017 N. Stiles, Suite 100, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105 · Telephone 405-521-6100 · Fax 405-521-6018 · 440 S. Houston, Suite 300, Tulsa, OK 74127-8920 · Telephone 918-581-2400 · Fax 918-581-2431 · Toll-free...
    • Land Owner Response Letter

    • <> <
      > <> Re: Property located in <> Dear <>, The OERB' s Environmental Consultant, BEACON Environmental Assistance Corporation, has received your response to our inquiry regarding...
    • Meningoencefalitis amébica primaria (MAP)

    • Meningoencephalitis--Popular works.
    • ¿Qué es la Meningoencefalitis Amébica Primaria (MAP)? La Meningoencefalitis Amébica Primaria (PAM, por sus siglas en inglés) es una enfermedad extremadamente rara y usualmente mortal causada por una infección con un organismo unicelular...
    • Quality Assurance annual progress report

    • Oklahoma. Department of Corrections--Quality Assurance--Periodicals.;Corrections--Oklahoma--Periodicals.
    • "Progress Reported on Implementation of Approved Recommendations and Measurements Established During Organizational Review Processes"--cover, 2008 issue.
    • SkillsUSA notes

    • Oklahoma SkillsUSA--Periodicals.;Vocational education--Oklahoma--Societies, etc.--Periodicals.
    • "The purposes of this Association are: * To unite in a common bond full-time students enrolled in classes with trade and industrial objectives. ..."
    • Annual report

    • Wildlife conservation--Oklahoma.;Conservation of natural resources--Oklahoma.;Oklahoma. Department of Wildlife Conservation.
    • A Constitutional agency funded by sportsmen and women through their purchase of hunting and fishing licenses.; The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is the state agency responsible for managing fish and wildlife. The ODWC issues hunting...
    • Vote Oklahoma!, 2012

    • A mock election classroom resource for teachers; Vote Oklahoma! is a set of exercises intended to acquaint users with facts about voting in Oklahoma. These exercises originally were designed for use in high school social studies, history, and...


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