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    • Classroom spice, 01/1998 v.1 no.1

    • Classroom Spice is published twice a year through the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, in Chickasha Oklahoma. It is a free service provided to help teachers adjust to an ever changing student population and a global citizenry. It...
    • 1998-01
    • Classroom spice, 03/1998 v.1 no.2

    • Women of Courage; 150th Anniversary of the Women's Rights Movement; Celebrating Diversity; So Who Do You Picture When You Think of a Scientist; Multicultural Math; The Literature Connection; Extraordinary People;
    • 1998-03
    • Classroom spice, 02/2000 v.2 no.2

    • Multicultural Resources - Music, Math, Science, Social Studies, and More; Looking at Winter Holidays and Their Roots; Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement; The Literature Connection [immigration]; An Oklahoman Who Changed American...
    • 2000-02
    • Classroom spice, 02/2001 v.3 no.2

    • Teaching Tolerance; Teaching About the Holocaust, Is It Right for Your Class?; Arab Culture Trivia Answers; What Do You Know About Inventors and Inventions?; The Literature Connection [Holocaust];
    • 2001-02
    • Classroom spice, 02/2002 v.4 no.2

    • Who is Wilma Mankiller?; Children, Poverty, and Schools; Successful American Women; The Literature Connection [Black History Month, Women's History Month]; The U.S. constitution was modeled after that of the Iroquois, but differed in what...
    • 2002-02
    • Classroom spice, 03/2003 v.5 no.2

    • Who Makes Up Our Cabinet?; America's Melting Pot [quilt]; Women's History Month; The Literature Connection [Asian and Pacific Islander Month]; The Ten Worst Ways to Make a School Parent Friendly;
    • 2003-03
    • Classroom spice, 10/2003 v.6 no.1

    • What comes to Mind When you Hear Asian American?; Quanah Parker; What is Rangoli?; The Literature Connection [Native American Month]; Tips for Effectively Teaching Hearing Impaired Students; Pancho Villa - Hero, Villain, or German Spy?;
    • 2003-10
    • Classroom spice, 02/2004 v.6 no.2

    • Brown v. Board of Education; "Why Do we Have to Study These Old White guys?; Taking a look at African American Contributions; The Literature Connection [African American literature]; Who was Susan B. anthony?; What is "Sin"?, Benjamin Mays
    • 2004-02
    • Classroom spice, 12/2006 v.9 no.1

    • The Genius Kid Next Door [David Meigooni, Yuncaho Lou]; Dust Bowl Balladeer [Woody Guthrie]; Yote, West African game; The Literature Connection [Oklahoma's Centennial]; Who was Boudica?; Alvarado's Leap?;
    • 2006-12
    • Classroom spice, 02/2007 v.9 no.2

    • Leonardo da Vinci; Who Was the First Female Superstar? [Phoebe Ann Mosey]; Inventors; The Literature Connection; Justice for All? [Johnson Chester Whittaker]; What arethe Ten Largest American Indian Tribes?;
    • 2007-02
    • Classroom spice, 12/2007 v.10 no.1

    • How Much Can a Paper Clip Hold?; From Former Slave to Oklahoma Marshal [Bass Reeves]; Test Your Women's History I.Q., Fifteen women to identify by their achievements; The Literature Connection [the Holocaust]; Muslim Children in Indonesia; What...
    • 2007-12
    • Classroom spice, 04/2008 v.10 no.2

    • What's the Significance of April 15, 1947? [Jackie Robinson]; Immigrant Students and Schools [children from Somalia]; What Famous People had Disabilities?; The Literature Connection [disabilities]; What's So Special About David Paterson?; Who was...
    • 2008-04
    • Classroom spice, 12/2008 v.11 no.1

    • Chinese Inventions; First American American U.S. Senator [Hiram Revels'; Borrowed Words in English; The Literature Connection; Who was the First Important Agriculturalist in the U.S.? [Eliza Lucas Pinckney]; Female Referee Removed from Officiating...
    • 2008-12
    • Classroom spice, 03/2009 v.11 no.2

    • Who was called "The Lady Edison?" [Margaret Knight]; Elizabeth Keckley, Confidante to Mary Todd Lincoln; What Do You Know about Dominoes?; The Literature Connection [Women's History Month]; Native American Baseball Player Makes History [Joba...
    • 2009-03
    • Classroom spice, fall 2009 v.12 no.1

    • When Politics and the Olympics Collide; The History Behind Oklahoma's Black Towns; Olympic Trivia; The Literature Connection; When is a Doctor Not a Doctor? [Vivien Thomas]; How did the Incas communicate over long distances, without the wheel, the...
    • 2010-03-08
    • Classroom spice, fall 2010 v.13 no.1

    • The "Sound" of ASL; The History of Voting rights in America; Chinese Games; The Literature Connection; The Invention of the Windshield Wiper [Mary Anderson]; What Part of A Modern Car Did A "Blind" Man Invent? [Ralph Teetor]'
    • 2011-01-13
    • Classroom spice, fall 2013 v.14 no.2

    • The Forgotten War [Mexican-American War]; The First Lady of the World [Eleanor Roosevelt]; What is a Quipu?; The Literature Connection; America's First Home Run King [Lipman "Lip" Pike]; Pyrotechnics in 1859? [Martha Coston];
    • 2013-09-13


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