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    • Senior class

    • "Serving seniors in northern Oklahoma: Alfalfa County, Blaine County, Garfield County, Grant County, Kay County, Kingfisher County, Major County, Noble County"
    • 2008; 2009; 2010
    • Caregiver assistance news, 02/2011

    • Vision Loss/Home Accident Prevention; Focus on Fall Prevention; Quick Quiz; If Your Medicare Part D Coverage ended December 31, 2010 Act Now; Taking Care of Yourself - Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack - Manage High Blood Pressure; Safety Monitors
    • 2011-02
    • Caregiver assistance news, 03/2011

    • Senior Nutrition - Eat Safely & Wisely; Focus on Fall Prevention; Taking Care of Yourself - Motivation; Eating Well on a Budget; If You Suspect Foodborne Illness; Get Help Buying Food; Quick Quiz;
    • 2011-03
    • Senior class, 09/2011

    • Become a NODA Area Agency on Aging Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) Volunteer Counselor; Medicare offers an online resource for accessing all its compare tools to help consumers improve their own health outcomes and costs; A Precious...
    • 2011-09
    • Caregiver assistance news, 09/2011

    • Bullies/Dealing With Difficult People; Handling Angry Outbursts or Uncooperative Behavior; When the Person Refuses to Cooperate; Changing What You Do; Don't Take It Personally; Taking Care of Yourself - Anger and Depression Increase Pain; When...
    • 2011-09
    • Caregiver assistance news, 10/2011

    • Mental Illness, Depression, Stress; October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month; Taking Care of Yourself - Keep Training Your Brain; Don't Fall - Be Safe; Good Friends Are the Secret to Long Life; Help Control Mental Illness Symptoms; NODA Area...
    • 2011-10
    • Caregiver assistance news, 11/2011

    • Alzheimer's Disease & Difficult Behavior; November is National AD Awareness Month; Screaming Fits; Taking Care of Yourself - Caregiver Burnout Checklist; Good Manners - Visits; Reassure, Don't Argue;
    • 2011-11
    • Senior class, 01-03/2012

    • Senior Day At the Capitol; Faster Walking Promotes Overall Health and Helps You Live Better and Longer; Spelling Bee; Take Control! Enroll in the Living Longer Living Stronger with Diabetes Workshp; Seniors Maintain Rights, LaJean Kirby;
    • 2012-01
    • Caregiver assistance news, 02/2012

    • The Failing Heart: Sign & Symptoms of Heart Failure, When To Call the Doctor; New Medications - New Symptoms; Shovel Snow Safely; Heart Attack Signs in Women; Support Hose; Taking Care of Yourself - Yoga and the Heart; Heart Attack;
    • 2012-02
    • Caregiver assistance news, 04/2012

    • Medication & Alcohol Abuse: A combination With Sometimes Fatal Results; Hidden Dangers; Self Evaluation - Recognize the Warning Signs; Taking Care of Yourself - Try Just Picturing It; To Become Alcohol-free; Prescription Medication Abuse;
    • 2012-04
    • Senior class, 04-06/2012

    • The 37th Annual. Oklahoma Conference on Aging "Secrets of Aging: Hidden Treasures"; Times They are a Changin' There are many recent changes in leadership at NODA Area Agency on Aging (NODA AAA).; Census Bureau Launches Interactive 1940 Census Web...
    • 2012-04
    • Caregiver assistance news, 05/2012

    • Arthritis - Back Safety: Oh, Those Aching Joints; More than Just Pain; Save Your Back With Good Body Mechanics; Get in Line; Taking care of Yourself - Keeping Arthritis Away - Try 30 Minutes a Day; Never Too Old to Play;Your Doctor Can Help When...
    • 2012-05
    • Caregiver assistance news, 07/2012

    • Traveling with Alzheimer's Disease: Special Occasions and Special Challenges, Can You Be flexible?; 12 Tips for Navigating Airport Security, Candy B. Harrington; Taking Care of Yourself - Planning a Trip; AD Affects More Than Memory; Will the...
    • 2012-07
    • Senior class, 07-08/2012

    • Heat Stress and Seniors; Wanted - Foster Grandparents: Funeral Preplanning Reduces Stress; Rights of Residents in Long-Term Care Facilities; Education is Protection; Your Investment Rights; Caregiving: Be Prepared, Be Honest and Be Well;
    • 2012-07
    • Senior class, 07-08/2012

    • Caregiving: Be Prepared, Be Honest and Be Well; Education is Protection; Your Investment Rights; Long Term care residents' rights; Wanted - Foster Grandparents: Volunteer in Your Neighborhood Schools; Funeral Preplanning Reduces Stress; Heat Stress...
    • 2012-07-01
    • Caregiver assistance news, 08/2012

    • Oxygen Therapy for Lung Disease: Dying for a Breath, Oxygen Containers; Monitoring Tools; Belly Breathing and Pursed-Lip Breathing; Flying with Oxygen; Taking Care of Yourself - Stress Relief; Conserve Energy; Avoiding Air Pollution, Irritants,...
    • 2012-08
    • Caregiver assistance news, 09/2012

    • Cancer Care: A Disease with Multiple Causes, What Is Cancer/, How Cancer Starts; Cancer Support Community Booklets for Family Caregivers; Coping with cancer Pain; Taking Care of Yourself - The Choose You Movement; Cigarette Smoking; Don't Overlook...
    • 2012-09
    • Senior class, 09-10/2012

    • Calling All Medicare Beneficiaries! Medicare 2012 Annual Enrollment Period for 2013; A Living Will; Protecting Benefits From Collection; Warning Signs That You May Need a New Lawyer; Guardianship of an Adult; the Ombudsman Program Helps Oklahomans;
    • 2012-09
    • Financial statements and auditors' report, 2011

    • We have audited the accompanying statement of financial position of Northern Oklahoma Development Authority as of June 30, 2011, and the related statements of activities and cash flows for the year then ended. These financial statements are the...
    • 2012-09-27
    • Caregiver assistance news, 10/2012

    • Eye Safety, eye Health: Home Can Be a Dangerous Place for Eyes; Causes of Vision Loss; October -- Fire Prevention Month; Take Care of Yourself - Reach Out to People; Eye Specialists; The Eyes - A window into Health; When to Get a Vision Screening;
    • 2012-10
    • Caregiver assistance news, 11/2012

    • Using the Health Care Team Effectively: Share in Medical Decisions, Preparing for a Visit to the Doctor, At the Doctor's Office; Checklist of Changes to Report to the Doctor; Taking Care of Yourself - Battling the Blues; National Family Caregivers...
    • 2012-11
    • Caregiver assistance news, 12/2012

    • Clean It - Food, Hands, Equipment Tips to Be Safe; The Power Is In Your Hands: Wash Up, Stop Germs; Holidays Can Trigger Anxiety in People with Dementia; Taking Care of Yourself - Make a joyful noise!; Food Safety;
    • 2012-12
    • Grand-parenting news, v.10 no.1

    • Inhalant Abuse: Dangers in the Kitchen Cabinet; Turn Off the TV; Hot Pots & Kitchen Fires; Taking Care of Yourself - Your Health Is Important Too; Baby Your Baby - Teething; Teens and Hearing Loss;
    • 2013


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