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    • Watershed based plan for the Fort Cobb Watershed

    • Watershed management--Oklahoma--Fort Cobb Reservoir Watershed--Planning.; Watershed restoration--Oklahoma--Fort Cobb Reservoir Watershed--Planning.; Water quality management--Oklahoma--Fort Cobb Reservoir Watershed--Planning.; Fort Cobb Reservoir...
    • The Fort Cobb Watershed covers 314 square miles in southwestern Oklahoma in Caddo, Washita, and Custer Counties. Ft. Cobb Reservoir’s designated beneficial uses include public and private water supply, warm water aquatic community, agriculture,...
    • Watershed based plan for the Lake Thunderbird watershed

    • Watershed management--Oklahoma--Thunderbird, Lake, Watershed--Planning.; Watershed restoration--Oklahoma--Thunderbird, Lake, Watershed--Planning.; Water quality management--Oklahoma--Thunderbird, Lake, Watershed--Planning.; Watershed...
    • Lake Thunderbird, located in central Oklahoma, is a popular recreational lake as well as a water supply reservoir for the cities of Norman, Del City, and Midwest City, which have a combined population of approximately 178,000. Significant taste and...
    • Watershed based plan for the Illinois River Watershed

    • Watershed management--Illinois River Watershed (Ark. and Okla.); Watershed management--Arkansas.; Watershed management--Oklahoma.; Watershed restoration--Illinois River Watershed (Ark. and Okla.); Watershed restoration--Arkansas.; Watershed...
    • The Illinois River watershed spans the Oklahoma-Arkansas border in the northeastern part of the state and is located in Benton, Washington, and Crawford Counties in Arkansas and Delaware, Adair, Cherokee, and Sequoyah Counties in Oklahoma.; This...
    • Illinois River upland and in-stream phosphorus modeling : final report /

    • Nonpoint source pollution--Illinois River Watershed (Ark. and Okla.);Water--Phosphorus content--Illinois River Watershed (Ark. and Okla.);Phosphorus in agriculture--Environmental aspects--Illinois River Watershed (Ark. and Okla.)
    • The primary purpose of this project was to predict reductions in poultry litter application and point source phosphorus discharges which will be required to meet the 0.037mg/l Oklahoma criterion.; A secondary goal of this project was to evaluate...
    • Hydrologic modeling of the Oklahoma/Arkansas Illinois River basin using SWAT 2005

    • Hydrologic models--Illinois River Watershed (Ark. and Okla.);Water--Phosphorus content--Illinois River Watershed (Ark. and Okla.)--Computer simulation.;Nonpoint source pollution--Illinois River Watershed (Ark. and Okla.)--Computer...
    • Oklahoma recently set a 0.037 mg/l total phosphorus criterion for scenic rivers. Both point and nonpoint sources have been blamed for elevated phosphorus in the Illinois River.; The primary purpose of this project was to predict reductions in...
    • Lake Thunderbird watershed analysis and water quality evaluation

    • Water quality management--Oklahoma--Thunderbird, Lake--Planning.;Watershed management--Oklahoma--Thunderbird, Lake--Planning.;Thunderbird, Lake (Okla.)
    • Lake Thunderbird was designated as a sensitive water supply (SWS) lake by the State of Oklahoma in 2002. Accelerated eutrophication and annual nutrient load to the Lake has become a concern and has been accompanied by taste and odor complaints by...
    • Targeting high non-point source contributing areas in the Turkey Creek basin

    • Nonpoint source pollution--Oklahoma--Turkey Creek Watershed (Alfalfa County-Kingfisher County)--Remote sensing.;Nonpoint source pollution--Oklahoma--Turkey Creek Watershed (Alfalfa County-Kingfisher County)--Measurement.;Water quality...
    • The focus of this project is to identify target areas within the Turkey Creek Basin, and to evaluate remotely sensed imagery for the purpose of targeting in riparian corridors.;Turkey Creek is located in west central Oklahoma. Sections of Turkey...
    • Poteau River comprehensive watershed management program TMDL component

    • Watershed management--Oklahoma--Wister Lake Watershed.; Water--Pollution--Total maximum daily load--Oklahoma--Wister Lake Watershed.;
    • In summary, we have developed or obtained the appropriate GIS data layers (land use, topography, soils, poultry house locations, soil test phosphorus), and used computer models and water quality data to predict phosphorus loading to Wister Lake...
    • Grand Lake watershed assessment to support nutrient BMP implementation targeting

    • Watershed management--Oklahoma--Grand Lake Watershed.;Nonpoint source pollution--Oklahoma--Grand Lake Watershed.;Water--Phosphorus content--Oklahoma--Grand Lake Watershed.;Water--Phosphorus content--Honey Creek Watershed...
    • The overall objective of this project was to target critical source areas of phophorus and sediment from sources in the Oklahoma portion of the Grand Lake watershed in northeast Oklahoma and the entire Honey Creek watershed (Oklahoma, Missouri, and...
    • Evaluating cost effective technologies to reduce phosphorus loading to surface waters for the...

    • Water--Phosphorus content--Environmental aspects--Oklahoma--Spavinaw, Lake, Watershed.;Nutrient pollution of water--Oklahoma--Spavinaw, Lake, Watershed.;Water quality management--Oklahoma--Spavinaw, Lake, Watershed.;Poultry--Manure--Environmental...
    • Hydrological and nutrient dynamics analysis shows that reduction of external phosphorus loading to lakes Eucha and Spavinaw in the Ozark region is necessary to mitigate the problem of lakes eutrophication.; The main problem treated in the study was...
    • Fort Cobb basin : modeling and land cover classification /

    • Nonpoint source pollution--Oklahoma--Fort Cobb Reservoir Watershed--Computer simulation.; Fort Cobb Reservoir Watershed (Okla.); Hydrologic models--Oklahoma--Fort Cobb Reservoir Watershed.; Water--Phosphorus content--Oklahoma--Fort Cobb Reservoir...
    • The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) is developing a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for the Fort Cobb Reservoir/Cobb Creek Basin. The Fort Cobb Basin is located in Southwestern Oklahoma in Caddo, Washita, and Custer Counties....
    • Annual report & state plan

    • Oklahoma. Commission on Children and Youth--Periodicals.;Children--Services for--Oklahoma--Periodicals.;Youth--Services for--Oklahoma--Periodicals.
    • The Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth (OCCY) was created by the Legislature for the purposes of: * providing independent oversight of the children and youth service system; * assisting local communities in the development of partnership...
    • Annual Synar report : 42 U.S.C. 300x-26 : OMB 0930-0222.

    • Youth--Tobacco use--Oklahoma--Prevention--Periodicals.;Tobacco industry--Law and legislation--Oklahoma--Periodicals.
    • The Annual Synar Report (ASR) format provides the means for States to comply with the reporting provisions of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 300x-26) and the Tobacco Regulation for the SAPT Block Grant (45 C.F.R. 96.130 (e)).
    • Monitoring edge of field P loss to validate P loss index for the Spavinaw Creek Watershed

    • Nonpoint source pollution--Measurement.;Nonpoint source pollution--Spavinaw Creek Watershed (Okla. and Ark.);Water--Phosphorus content--Measurement.;Water--Phosphorus content--Mathematical models.;Water quality--Spavinaw Creek Watershed (Okla. and...
    • The implementation of BMPs is often used to reduce P loss from agricultural and urban lands. State and federal programs, such as the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), Environmental Quality...
    • Stillwater Creek modeling and land cover classification.

    • Soil erosion prediction--Oklahoma--Stillwater Creek Watershed.;Land cover--Oklahoma--Stillwater Creek Watershed.;Water quality management--Okahoma--Stillwater Creek Watershed.
    • "The majority of the Stillwater Creek Basin is located in Payne County Oklahoma with portions extending into Logan and Noble counties.";"Stillwater Creek, Little Stillwater Creek, Brush Creek, and Lake Carl Blackwell are listed on the 1998 303(d)...
    • Annual report, 2003

    • Public health has experienced an expansive transformation due in part to the changing epidemiology of diseases, the impact of global diseases and their influence on local health, advancements in technology, altering population demographics, the...
    • Annual report, 2001

    • Oklahoma. State Department of Health--Periodicals.; Public health--Oklahoma--Periodicals.
    • These are unprecedented times for public health in Oklahoma. On June 1, 2001, the Oklahoma State Department of Health was placed “under new management” with the appointment of Dr. Leslie Beitsch as the state's Commission of Healtdh.; To assure the...
    • Scale-dependent phosphorus leaching in alluvial floodplains

    • Nonpoint source pollution--Ozark Mountains.; Ozark Mountains.; Alluvial plains--Ozark Mountains.; Phosphorus--Environmental aspects; Soils--Phosphorus content--Ozark Mountains.;
    • Increased nutrient loads have resulted in several adverse impacts on surface water quality, including excessive algal growth, fish kills, and drinking water taste and odor issues across the United States and especially in the Ozark ecoregion of...
    • Deltaic reservoirs in the southern Midcontinent, 1993 symposium

    • Alluvium--Southern States--Congresses.; Petroleum--Geology--Southern States--Congresses.; Keweenawan Rift.
    • Research reported upon at the symposium focused on the following: types of FDD reservoirs, depositional settings, diagenetic history, reservoir characterization, and enhanced oil recovery. In describing the various FDD petroleum reservoirs in the...
    • Annual report, 2004

    • Each day the Oklahoma State Department of Health must address the challenges that are incumbent in protecting and promoting Oklahoma’s public health. This can be a daunting and unappreciated task, especially if people are confused about what public...
    • The wildside, 08/13/2013

    • Chicken Turtles and Crawfish Frogs by Rori Buresh; FBI Honors 3 Oklahoma Game Wardens by Don P. Brown; Wildlife Expo to Return in 2014; Bats of Oklahoma Poster Now Available Online;
    • Middle North Canadian basin : targeting critical source areas and modeling Lake Overholser

    • Watershed management--Oklahoma--North Canadian River Watershed.;Water quality management--Oklahoma--North Canadian River Watershed.;Nutrient pollution of water--Oklahoma--Blaine County.;Nutrient pollution of water--Oklahoma--Canadian...
    • The objective of this project is to predict the required nutrient load reduction necessary to improve the water quality of lake Overholser. This task will require observed data and/or SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) model output.
    • Annual report, 2002

    • The Oklahoma State Department of Health provides services that impact the life of each person in Oklahoma in some way every day.; This annual report records our progress in meeting these challenges in fiscal year 2002.
    • SWAT allies

    • Tobacco use--Prevention--Study and teaching (Middle school)
    • By incorporating these interactive classroom prevention lesson plans into your existing curricula, you're exhibiting a commitment to keep our youth healthy and tobacco-free. The Tobacco Use Prevention Service [Oklahoma State Department of Health]...
    • SWAT N:Formerz high school curricula

    • Tobacco use--Prevention--Study and teaching (Secondary)
    • Thank you for your commitment to keeping our youth healthy and tobacco-free by incorporating these interactive classroom prevention lesson plans into your existing curricula. The Tobacco Use Prevention Service [Oklahoma State Department of Health]...
    • 2010 Oklahoma prevention needs assessment survey. Results for state of Oklahoma

    • School children--Substance use--Oklahoma--Statistics.; Youth--Substance use--Oklahoma--Statistics.; Juvenile delinquency--Oklahoma--Statistics.
    • This report summarizes the findings from the State of Oklahoma Prevention Needs Assessment (OPNA) Survey that was conducted during the spring of 2010 in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12. The results for the State of Oklahoma are presented along with...
    • State of the county's health report : Woods County.

    • Public health--Oklahoma--Woods County.; Health status indicators--Oklahoma--Woods County. ; Woods County (Okla.)--Statistics, Medical. ; Oklahoma Turning Point (Program)
    • The reports focus on health factors for the citizens of each county in Oklahoma. ; A summary of Healthy People 2020 indicators and health care costs are included. Information regarding health education, Turning Point, county health department...
    • Bacteria and turbidity total maximum daily loads for the Upper Deep Fork area, Oklahoma (OK520700)

    • Water--Pollution--Total maximum daily load--Oklahoma--Deep Fork Watershed.;Water--Pollution--Total maximum daily load--Oklahoma--Lincoln County.; Water--Pollution--Total maximum daily load--Oklahoma--Creek County.; Bacterial pollution of...
    • This report documents the data and assessment used to establish TMDLs for the pathogen indicator bacteria [fecal coliform, Escherichia coli (E. coli), Enterococci] and turbidity for selected waterbodies in part of the upper Deep Fork of the...
    • Logan County community health assessment

    • Logan County (Okla.)--Statistics, Medical.; Health status indicators--Oklahoma--Logan County.; Public health--Oklahoma--Logan County.
    • During the winter of 2010, the Logan County Partnership engaged the community to assess the health status of county residents. Using the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) model, organizers gathered information for four...
    • Pesticide applicators list, 04/25/2014

    • The use of pesticides in Oklahoma is governed by the Pesticide Applicators Law, covering not only agricultural applications such as crop spraying and fumigating of grain bins, but also regulating the pest control industry, including the control of...
    • Oklahoma uniform application : Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant.

    • Federal aid to alcoholism programs--Oklahoma--Periodicals.;Federal aid to drug abuse treatment programs--Oklahoma--Periodicals.;Substance abuse--Oklahoma--Prevention--Periodicals.;Substance abuse--Treatment--Oklahoma--Periodicals.
    • The SAPT Block Grant application format provides the means for States to comply with the reporting provisions of the Public Health Service Act (42 USC 300x-21-64), as implemented by the Interim Final Rule and the Tobacco Regulation for the SAPT...
    • 2007 program guidelines

    • Tobacco use--Government policy--Oklahoma.;Tobacco use--Oklahoma--Prevention.
    • This manual was developed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health Tobacco Use Prevention Service as the designated State Tobacco Control Program Office (SPO) to assist in the development, planning, and implementation of the Oklahoma Tobacco...
    • Hydrologic modeling of the Great Salt Plains basin

    • Water quality management--Great Salt Plains Lake Watershed (Kan. and Okla.);Hydrologic models--Great Salt Plains Lake Watershed (Kan. and Okla.);Great Salt Plains Lake Watershed (Kan. and Okla.)
    • On the shores of the Great Salt Plains Reservoir lie 11,000 acres of salt plains, most of which is part of the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge.; The purpose of this project is to recommend BMPs (Best Management Practices) for wheat and other...
    • Guia para un Oklahoma fuerte y saludable

    • Public health--Oklahoma.; Health promotion--Oklahoma.; Health.
    • Oklahoma Fuerte y Saludable es un esfuerzo en el ambito estatal para mejorar la salud de nuestros residentes. El propósito de esta guía es el de mostrar formas sencillas para hacer elecciones saludables todos los días en el lugar donde vivimos,...


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